Collecting accurate Clery data is important. Easily accessing and deploying it is even more so. CleryEdge’s Report Center includes numerous pre-built reports that make it easy to keep track of important Clery-related data and generate pertinent reports. CleryEdge’s reporting tools also allow you to easily respond outside requests for Clery records, such as during a U.S. Department of Education program review or complaint/media assessment (e.g., export a current list of CSAs and any trainings they completed, a Clery Geography list, a list of Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications issued during a specific timeframe, etc.).

  • Design and share custom CSA, Clery Geography, incident, and fire statistic reports.
  • Use date, campus, and other filter controls to create customized reports and track data trends according to the parameters you specify.
  • View report results within CleryEdge and export them as Excel files.
  • Present accurate and complete crime and fire statistics in a compliant format for inclusion in your Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports.