CleryEdge is the product of NACCOP-AEGIS, LCC, a business partnership of the National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals, a Delaware-based Higher Education Association, and Aegis Education, LLC, a Nebraska-based higher education services provider.

CleryEdge was inspired by the belief that a technology platform could be developed that would provide higher education institutions with a unified set of tools they could use to more quickly and comprehensively comply with the requirements and spirit of the Clery Act, thereby improving campus safety.

In addition to CleryEdge, NACCOP-AEGIS has also developed Trip Tracker, a powerful travel risk management system that can be used to register student and staff trips (solo and group), manage travel location risk, communicate with travelers, improve travel policy compliance, and more. Trip Tracker and CleryEdge can be used in combination or independently.



Dolores Stafford, Partner

Dolores Stafford is the founder of and serves as the Executive Director of the National Association of Clery Compliance Officers and Professionals (NACCOP), which is a professional association for campus administrators who are responsible for managing Clery Act compliance.

Dolores also serves as President and CEO of D. Stafford & Associates (DSA), a firm that has been providing consulting services since 1997. DSA is a professional services firm specializing in safety and security related issues on college campuses, including a specialization in Clery Act and Title IX compliance issues.

Dolores also serves as a partner in NACCOP-AEGIS, a company specializing in software solutions for higher education.

Dolores served as the Chief of Police at The George Washington University in Washington, DC from 1992 to 2010. She has 26 years of experience in the law enforcement and the security industry. She spent a total of 23 years in Campus Law Enforcement at the George Washington University, Butler University, and Bucknell University, respectively.

For more information about NACCOP, visit www.naccop.org. For more information about D. Stafford and Associates or to see a full Bio, visit www.dstaffordandassociates.com.

Dolores Stafford
Dave Engberg
Dave Engberg, Partner

Dave Engberg is Executive Director of Aegis Education, LLC, a Lincoln, NE-based higher education services company, and partner in NACCOP-AEGIS, a company specializing in risk management software solutions for higher education.

Prior to launching Aegis Education in 2013, Dave served in multiple international education positions during a 20-plus year career in higher education. Employers included the American Council on Education (Washington, DC), the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Boston College, Montana State University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, MN).

Before his higher education career, Dave worked as an ESL teacher in Japan, an emergency services dispatcher, an amusement park security guard, and served in the U.S. Army Reserves. He holds degrees from the Defense Language Institute, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Boston College.