Create, maintain, and publish a Daily Crime Log – without ever leaving the system. CleryEdge facilitates crime log management by integrating crime reporting, recording, review, and publication functions.

  • Designate which incident reports appear in your Daily Crime Log.
  • Ensure that crime log elements, such as the General Location and Dispositions, are accurate prior to publishing an entry to your log.
  • Automatically import crime details from existing incident reports without having to cut and paste from other data management systems.
  • Publish the most recent 60 days of your Daily Crime Log to a campus webpage and/or export as an Excel file.
  • Make available, upon request, portions of the crime log that are older than 60 days with just a few clicks.
  • Record the rationale for temporarily withholding information from the log.
  • Update entries to include previously-withheld information as soon as publishing the information would no longer have an adverse effect.
  • Monitor all crime log entries from the most recent 60 calendar days that have an Active/Open disposition to determine if disposition updates are necessary.