Managing Campus Security Authorities can be daunting. Fortunately, CleryEdge includes all the tools you’ll need to track, notify, train, and collect crime reports from CSAs. Once CSAs are identified in CleryEdge (individually or in bulk), the software makes it easy to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of CSA compliance.

  • Create and maintain a comprehensive list of CSAs for each year.
  • Notify CSAs of their status and any training opportunities made available by the institution.
  • Give campus partners limited access to CleryEdge to assist in adding and updating CSAs for their areas (e.g., athletics, residence life, student organizations, etc.).
  • Develop and deploy custom CSA training courses and track completion results.
  • Email your entire CSA list, individual CSAs, or groups of CSAs you specify from within CleryEdge.
  • Collect reports from CSAs via an external web form or by granting them access to CleryEdge.
  • Contact CSAs to verify they understand their responsibilities and to ensure they have submitted required reports.
  • Send reminder emails to only those CSAs who have not yet responded to annual report and responsibility requests.