Christopher Newport University
Scott Austin | Captain, Division of Patrol Operations

We tried to build a system in-house, but it did not work the way I needed it to work. For me, what is beneficial, having the records centralized in one place is incredibility helpful. There is some up-front leg-work you have to do but once you see how everything works and connects, the system is incredibly helpful. Once I was onboarded and we got the foundational information like my geography in the platform, that allowed me to move forward every day with ease with managing incident reports and the like. The cost is very reasonable for the capabilities of the system. Customer support has been great in helping us onboard and I appreciate that they are very responsive when I ask a question or need help. I think CleryEdge will meet the goals of small school and large schools and everything in between.

University of Iowa
Dave Visin | Associate Director, Police Division

We plan to have all of our “Super-CSA’s” actually add incident information into the system, so having CleryEdge as a resource is going to dramatically simplify our process of entering that information into the Audit Trail function of CleryEdge and into the Crime Log module as well. We have worked to add our 300-400 campuses addresses in the system and our State Crimes codes so the Super-CSAs can correctly add incident reports. We like the idea of being able to send an incident report link so CSAs can bookmark it and use that to enter incident reports into the system. Officers are now forced to create incident reports in the RMS in order for us to get those reports into the Daily Crime Log. We will be able to leverage CleryEdge for incidents that would not necessarily require officers to write a report in our RMS, such as an off campus crime in our expanded patrol jurisdiction, if we were otherwise able to get them into the Daily Crime Log, so we plan to have officers document those crimes in CleryEdge rather than writing a full report in our RMS to buy back some of the time that they are spending on those tasks. Customer support has been incredibly helpful in working through our unique needs as a large, public institution.

Austin Community College
Kristine Elderkin | Clery Compliance Officer

I have looked at a number of software solutions to help me manage Clery program elements but didn't feel comfortable with them since I believed they created a false sense of security and introduced new compliance problems. As an office of one person (like most CCOs) I see CleryEdge as a very helpful tool and, since it's being developed in partnership with NACCOP experts, I have a lot of confidence in it. This year I entered my 2021 geography and sent all my letters to LEAs using the software. It was, for the first time ever, a pleasure to do. I know others who are using CleryEdge to manage and train their CSAs (this was the feature that originally attracted me to the software). I'm about to start using the Incident and Crime Log modules so I can enter incident details ONCE and quit the madness of maintaining multiple spreadsheets (Master DCL, 60-days DCL, and an Audit Trail for each of 18 campuses).

University of New Hampshire
Allison Jean | Assistant Director of Compliance and Accreditation

I love it! We put a link from CleryEdge on our Police Department website for people to report a crime or incident. That notifies our Clery Team immediately so we can review it for a potential timely warning notice, to assess it for the crime log, and to capture it in the audit trail. I like the geography module, as it is assisting us in identifying more accurately the location of crimes. I am looking forward to using the CSA module and getting that process organized in CleryEdge. The customer service has been fantastic—the CleryEdge team is available whenever I call or email with a problem or question.

University of Montana
Kelly Magnuson | Clery Compliance Professional, CCO

CleryEdge is the first and only software program available to aid institutions in their compliance efforts. Having all your information in one place is a game changer. Before CleryEdge we would have several spreadsheets and separate documents to manage all our Clery requirements. Now with CleryEdge we can have it all in one place. This software is being developed by folks who thoroughly know Clery and will continue to add features that aid in compliance with this federal law. This gives us assurance that we are doing the right work in the right way!

Saint Louis University
Mike Parkinson | Assistant Director for Emergency Preparedness and Clery Compliance

One of the primary reasons we bought CleryEdge for the LEA and CSA modules. Some people are still sending letters, and we have found sending the communication via email is much easier, and as the LE database in CleryEdge gets more and more populated with LE agencies around the country, this process will continue to get easier for your clients. We really like that everything is tracked in the system, I sent the communication through the system and saved the responses as a PDF and put it in the system so that everything is self-contained. The CSA module tracks everything so I have all CSAs in the system and can communicate with them through CleryEdge. This saves me from having to constantly review who has completed the training in our Learning Management System. The time saving aspect is a huge benefit to us.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Lauren Salem | Associate Director Student Life Compliance and Administration

I love that CleryEdge centralizes all of the Clery tasks. We are very excited that the system manages our CSAs and will allow me to track the progress with CSA training. As we get the Local Law Enforcement Agency information entered into CleryEdge, the LLE functionality is going to be very helpful in managing all of our correspondence with those agencies. I am very excited to get the system fully up and running for our campus. Customer support is very, very responsive to my questions.

Delta College
Robert Battinkoff | Director of Public Safety

CleryEdge has the capability to do everything we want it to do. We are in the process of implementing CleryEdge and I am excited to use it to manage all the CSA functionality, including managing the lists, training, and the communication to request statistics. I am also excited to use CleryEdge to manage the daily crime log from the reports that come in from all different sources. Tracking travel and linking that to the law enforcement request letters will be great.

University of Dayton
Jamie Baker | Clery Compliance Officer

CleryEdge is a great new tool that practitioners made for practitioners to help with our unique compliance needs. The CSA module has made creating, sharing, and tracking training easy and convenient. This tool has quickly become our central Clery compliance data storage and information center.