1. Introduction

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) establishes the service standards and expectations between NACCOP-AEGIS, LLC (“NACCOP-AEGIS”) and its customers regarding the CleryEdge software (“CleryEdge”). It outlines our commitment to ensuring the availability, reliability, and responsive support for CleryEdge, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and compliance with federal regulations.

2. Glossary
  • Uptime: The amount of time the service is available and operational.
  • Excusable Downtime: Scheduled or emergency downtime for maintenance or updates.
  • Non-Excusable Downtime: Unplanned downtime exceeding the agreed thresholds.
  • Credits: Compensation applied to future billing cycles in case of SLA breaches.
3. Service Uptime

NACCOP-AEGIS commits to a CleryEdge availability target of 99.9% uptime, excluding Excusable Downtime, which encompasses scheduled maintenance and emergency interventions. Scheduled maintenance will be communicated at least one (1) business day in advance, except in emergencies. Our cloud hosting agent’s Service Level Agreement backs this commitment.

Emergencies are any unplanned event or circumstance that poses an immediate and significant risk to the integrity, security, or functionality of CleryEdge. Examples include:

  • Critical Security Threats: Unforeseen security vulnerabilities that, if not addressed immediately, could compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of user data.
  • System Integrity Risks: Situations where the core functionalities of CleryEdge are at risk of severe disruption, hindering the ability of users to perform essential tasks.
  • Data Loss Scenarios: Unanticipated events leading to potential data loss, corruption, or degradation, requiring immediate intervention to mitigate and recover.
  • Regulatory Compliance Urgencies: Instances where the system requires urgent updates or modifications to ensure compliance with evolving federal regulations, preventing legal or regulatory repercussions.
  • Service Outages Impacting Multiple Users: Widespread service outages affecting a significant number of users, thereby impacting the normal operations of multiple higher education institutions simultaneously.
  • Significant User Impact: Events causing substantial disruption to end-users, hindering their ability to perform critical tasks essential for compliance with Clery Act regulations.

In cases of emergency, we will use our best efforts to notify customers of a planned Excusable Downtime as soon as possible.

Scheduled maintenance or upgrades will be conducted with utmost consideration for minimizing impact on customers’ operational hours. These activities will not extend beyond thirty-six (36) hours in a month. Our commitment is to predominantly schedule such activities outside of regular business hours, specifically Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. This ensures that access to CleryEdge remains uninterrupted during core business hours.

3. Service Downtime

Non-Excusable Downtime is defined as CleryEdge being unavailable for over 48 consecutive hours or more than five (5) confirmed outages, each lasting at least one (1) hour, within a 30-day period. We will proactively address downtime issues, aiming for a resolution within (4) four hours, and communicate actions taken and resolution status through the customer’s preferred communication channel.

4. Communications

Notifications about maintenance, upgrades, and downtime will be delivered via email and in-system notifications. To report system downtime:

  1. Email us.
  2. In the email subject, write “Downtime Report – CleryEdge,” or, in the case of emergency downtime where immediate attention is required, write “URGENT Downtime Report”
  3. In the email message, provide a detailed description of the downtime incident, including the date, time, and any relevant context
  4. Attach screenshots or error messages, if applicable
  5. Include your contact information

Our support team will acknowledge downtime reports within one (1) hour of receipt. After an issue is resolved or more information is available, our team will provide updates via the same email thread.

5. Credits and Refunds

Credits issued under this SLA are applicable solely to outstanding or future payments and will be forfeited upon termination of a customer’s system subscription. While we are not obligated to issue refunds or make payments against these credits under normal circumstances, we recognize that exceptional situations may arise. Such exceptional circumstances include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended Non-Excusable Downtime: Instances where the Non-Excusable Downtime significantly exceeds defined parameters, causing substantial disruption.
  • Service Level Agreement Breach: Failure on the part of NACCOP-AEGIS to meet the uptime commitments outlined in this SLA.
  • Critical Data Loss: Unforeseen situations leading to critical data loss or compromise, impacting the essential functionality of CleryEdge.
  • Regulatory Non-Compliance: Failure to address urgent updates necessary for compliance with evolving federal regulations, resulting in legal or regulatory repercussions.

In exceptional cases, where we reserve the right to consider refunds based on the merits of the circumstances, payments against credits will follow the terms outlined in this SLA. To ensure transparency and adherence to agreed-upon conditions, payments against credits may be applied towards:

  • The renewal or extension of existing services;
  • The acquisition additional service features or modules; or
  • The cost of future upgrades or enhancements to CleryEdge.

We are committed to working collaboratively with customers to optimize the value of credits within the framework of this SLA.

6. Continuous Improvement

NACCOP-AEGIS is dedicated to continuous improvement through regular updates, proactive issue resolution, and integration of customer feedback. To foster a collaborative improvement process, customers are encouraged to provide feedback via direct employee communication, our contact form, or our support center.

7. Contact Us

Please contact us, if you have questions about this Agreement.

This Policy was last modified: January 12, 2024.