CleryEdge includes robust incident reporting and management functionality. Tier 2 clients can upload crimes from other incident reporting platforms into CleryEdge, thereby allowing them to take advantage of CleryEdge’s cutting-edge Clery crime classification and auditing functionality. Tier 3 clients have access to the Tier 2 functionality, and they can use CleryEdge to create Daily Crime Log entries from incidents submitted via this solution, and manage general, public, CSA, and travel-related incident reports.

Missing Student Reports
  • Log and manage Clery-reportable crime records, individually or in bulk.
  • Assign Clery crime classifications to crime records and apply the Hierarchy Rule, as needed.
  • Automate the process of associating Clery Geography with incident locations to ensure crimes are correctly disclosed by location.
  • “Unfound” Clery crimes associated with an incident.
  • Integrate with CleryEdge’s Audit Trail.
Fire Reports
  • Use CleryEdge to generate incident reports that can be submitted to the individual or organization responsible for collecting Clery crime data.
  • Collect incident reports from CSAs, student and/or staff travelers, and members of the campus and/or local communities via external web forms that are branded to your institution.
  • Add photos and other types of supporting documentation to incident records.
  • Notify campus colleagues when types of new incident reports are created and/or updated.
  • Link incident records with Emergency Notifications, Timely Warnings, and your institution’s Daily Crime Log.